Thursday, February 1, 2007

idea for online critic?

From that e-mail service I get:

Chronicle airs reader calls as podcasts
Readers have been angrily calling newspapers with complaints almostsince the first telephones were installed. Now, the San FranciscoChronicle is turning some of those calls into podcasts and posting themon its website for all to hear.Dubbed 'Correct Me If I'm Wrong ...' on the Chronicle's website, thepaper last week posted a podcast of a reader's voicemail expressingirritation with a photo caption and the headline 'Forest service beginstesting pilotless drones' that appeared over a story buried deep withinthe Aug. 29 business section. 'Is there any other kind of drone?' thereader said in the voice mail. 'You tell me right now, is there anyother kind of drone other than a pilotless drone?'The posts were the brainchild of Chronicle executive vice president andeditor Phil Bronstein. Bronstein said the Chronicle might add 'dramaticreadings' of some of the comments, the New York Times reported Monday.'This is about listening to your readers,' Bronstein said. 'Newspapersused to be a lot more lively than they are now, and they coulddefinitely stand some of that.'

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Caleb said...

This reader will probably be calling you with a rant about the use (or lack thereof) of spaces between words in your blog.