Monday, February 19, 2007

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Student planning to sell moments in time
When Oxford student Thomas Whitfield put forward his idea in the
university's own version of the BBC's Dragon's Den, he hoped for nothing
more than encouraging words and a slice of the GBP 5,000 (EUR 7,400)
prize money. But the judges, which included two former internet
millionaires, were so 'blown away' by it they threw the weight of their
GBP 50m (EUR 74m) investment fund behind him.

Whitfield's online timeline idea involves creating a website featuring a
virtual timeline stretching back into history and far into the future.
The 'online timeline' will be split into minutes, each of which can be
bought by users to post memorable moments in their lives.

The prototype of the website can be viewed on
Users can then buy their place in history or the future. The more you
pay the more prominent your entry will be for a particular minute. The
idea is similar to the Million Dollar Homepage in which a student sold
off one million pixels of a computer picture at USD 1 a time. When the
pixel was clicked on the person or company's work was displayed.

- The Telegraph


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