Monday, April 9, 2007

Tuesday notes

Lecture apr 10
Eng 2710

The link:

Administrative stuff:

Today I want to show an Australian documentary about Second Life. It doesn’t talk much about media, but it does talk to a critic. I’m one of the many who are just so ga-ga over Second Life that I don’t ask critical questions. This guy asks a few.

I want to reversion a few “evergreen” pieces today. The doc is about 45 minutes long, so if we can get the reversions out of the way early, we’ll have time.

One thing to consider:
Final projects:
If you plan to work on the Critic in the fall, why not make that your final project.
Design a Web site for the LSC community.

More Administration:
On Thursday, we will reversion as many Critic stories as we can find in the proper weekly file and hand them over to Chad for uploading.
Chelsea – please check with Chad about having you (and some of us) look over his shoulder when he uploads, so we can do it too.

Next week:
I want to create a “podcast” based on an issue of the paper. You TV folks might have fun with this. Next Tuesday’s homework assignment will be turning a story or two into a brief broadcast news story. We’ll put the thing together on Tuesday using Chelsey’s digital recorder.

We go “live” next week. I hope we can get a generic address like
We’ll see.

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