Monday, January 29, 2007

What's hot

I got the note below on a listserv for college media advisers. It shows there's no limit to how ambitious you guys can be with The Critic.
Just wanted to share the joy of what we're doing here at UW.
We now have daily videocasts online. We've done this on a shoe-string budget that pays the salaries of a student Web developer, two broadcast students and a print photographer that has learned how to use video.
Our only capital investment was buying a student version of Final Cut Pro; as we found the sound quality of iMovie to be limiting. (You can see that with our earlier videocasts.)
We borrow the sound/video equipment from another department.
Our most popular videocast was Home Invasion -- where we got to see what it is like inside the Phi Pools frat house. This is the first in a series. Several frats are lining up to be next.
Feel free to check out what we're doing at or
Kristin Millis
Director of Student Publications
The Daily of the University of Washington
(206) 543-7666

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